Freedom in choosing your basic insurance

Standard model provides the freedom you require: it both allows you to choose your preferred doctor in all medical matters and covers the standard benefits according to the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance (LAMal/KVG).


  • I am covered for the benefits according to LAMal/KVG in case of illness, maternity or accident (except if covered by compulsory accident insurance).
  • I can contact the doctor of my choice in all medical matters.
  • I can reduce my premium by increasing my deductible.


  • I enjoy freedom of choice.


Available Deductibles

The ordinary deductible is CHF 300 for adults and CHF 0 for children.
I can reduce my premium by increasing my deductible.

Bonus insurance

By choosing this option to the standard model, you will be able to reduce your premium each year. How does it work?

  • Your starting premium is 10% higher. However, each year, if no benefits are claimed, the premium decreases. If the conditions are met for five years, the maximum premium reduction is 45%.

    Please note: The deductible amount available for this product is CHF 300. You may not change your deductible.
  • Freedom: I am free to choose my doctor in all medical matters.

Request advice

Do you have any questions about the standard model? Our specialist advisers are here to help.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, anyone legally resident in Switzerland must take out compulsory health insurance within three months of taking up residence or being born. If the person in question does not sign up on their own or if they are not signed up by their legal representative within this period, they will be automatically registered by the canton or commune of residence.

In the event of an unjustifiable delay in signing up to the insurance, interest on arrears will be charged by the insurer.

As soon as your doctor has been recognised as a general practitioner or specialist, you can go directly to him/her, unless you are covered by an alternative insurance model that provides for different coverage, as per the terms and conditions of insurance.

To pay your bills, you can choose between different payment methods. We recommend using the direct debit system (for bank or post office accounts) or the e-bill.

Direct debit (bank or post office account)
All your bills will be debited directly from your bank or post office account.

  • You have a post office account: Complete and send us the form, by which you authorise us to debit directly your post office account for the different amounts due.
  • You have a bank account: Complete our online form and we will send you the LSV form by which you authorise us to debit directly your bank account for the different amounts due.  Please then return the form to us duly certified by your bank. Please note that registration may take several weeks. If you no longer receive a payment slip with our bills, this means that the direct debit has been activated.

In the meantime, if you still receive bills with payment slips, please pay them as before.

If you have an e-banking/e-finance account, your bills will be sent directly to your account and you will only have to validate them. To sign up for this payment method, please go to the website

Payment slip
You can pay your bills using the payment slip enclosed with our bills, either via your e-banking / e-finance account, via a payment order or by going to a post office counter.

  • e-banking / e-finance: Simply go to your e-banking/e-finance account, either by scanning the QR code or by entering the information on the payment slips enclosed with our invoices.
  • Payment at the post office counter: At the post office counter, you can pay in cash using the payment slip enclosed with our bill.

    However, please note that for basic insurance, you will be charged an additional fee for using this payment method.

    This is because post office fees represent a cost of around CHF 6,5 million for Groupe Mutuel, which has a direct impact on the insurance premiums of all customers. In order not to pass on postage costs to all our insureds, you will be charged the following additional costs if you use this method of payment as part of your compulsory health insurance.
    • Payments up to CHF 50: CHF 1.20
    • Payments up to CHF 100: CHF 1.60
    • Payments up to CHF 1,000: CHF 2.35
    • Payments up to CHF 10,000: CHF 3.95
    • In addition, for every CHF 10,000: CHF 1.25

Bank / post office standing payment order
Simply order the payment order form from your financial institution, fill it in and send it to your bank/post office with the payment slips so that they can make the payments for you. Please note that depending on the financial institution, this service may incur additional costs.

We strongly advise against the use of standing orders or payment templates as the reference numbers are different for each bill.

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