Cover my costs for glasses/contact lenses

You or your child needs glasses. What benefits are covered by the basic health insurance?

The basic health insurance does not cover the costs of glasses and contact lenses for adults. An exception to this rule may be in the event of a specific illness, but only for glasses or lenses purchased in Switzerland.

For children up to the age of 18, the compulsory insurance reimburses CHF 180 per year for glasses or contact lenses purchased in Switzerland, if prescribed by an ophthalmologist.

Should I take out supplemental insurance?

We advise you to take out supplemental insurance in order to obtain coverage for anything not covered by basic health insurance.

Please do not hesitate to ask one of our advisers
to help you choose your supplemental insurance plan

Supplemental insurance allows you to cover your needs when they are not or only partially covered by the basic health insurance. Discover our range of supplemental insurance solutions and find the coverage that suits your lifestyle.


What is covered by a supplemental insurance policy?

The level of reimbursement depends on the insurance chosen. You can choose from eight supplemental insurance solutions in our range.

Find out the benefits of each and select the cover that suits you.

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