I am (soon to be) a homeowner

Save up for, finance and guarantee your property

Do you dream of buying your home or building your own house. Do you perhaps already own a property? The insurance needs are similar in both cases: you will need to finance your property and guarantee your mortgage.

Steps to becoming a homeowner

If you do not yet own your property, you can consult our manual on how to become a homeowner. Manual available here: Becoming a homeowner

Finance your property by means of occupational and individual pension benefits (2nd and 3rd pillars)

Banks require a minimum contribution of 20% from your funds to purchase a home:

  •  at least 10% must come from your own freely available funds (assets on your account or securities), or from individual pension benefit solutions (pillar 3a or 3b)
  • the remaining 10% may come from your pension fund (advance payment).

Advance withdrawal and payment: be careful!

The amounts withdrawn from pillar 2 or 3 are subject to taxation. You will therefore have to pay tax on these amounts. If the amount withdrawn is significant, the tax bill can amount to several thousand francs.

Furthermore, the amounts withdrawn result in a reduction of your benefits in the event of disability/death or when you retire. Make careful calculations before you withdraw funds.


Instead of withdrawing funds, you can pledge the money from your pension fund and pillar 3a and 3b funds. Advantages: the money remains on your account and continues to earn you interest without being taxable, and you maintain your insurance benefits. Thanks to the pledge, you can acquire a higher mortgage or a lower mortgage rate from your bank.

Find out from your pension fund what the conditions and consequences are of an advance payment or pledge. If you are insured for occupational benefits with Groupe Mutuel, you can use this form.

Also discover type 3a life insurance, which we recommend to build up your savings, finance the purchase of your property and pay off your mortgage.

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