Our commitment to our customers

To continuously improve our services to meet all requirements

Le Groupe Mutuel est au service d’environ 1.5 million d’assurés. Cela implique plusieurs dizaines de milliers de documents reçus par semaine ! Malgré ce volume, chaque assuré doit pouvoir recevoir une réponse satisfaisante dans les meilleurs délais. Le Groupe Mutuel met tout en œuvre pour atteindre cet objectif.

Groupe Mutuel

We are committed to supporting those who improve health in Switzerland and we provide assistance to our insured members.

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We are better than yesterday and less efficient than tomorrow

Managing large amounts of data requires continuously improving our processes. Whether by introducing new technology or altering processes, we are always seeking to improve our ability to meet the requirements of our insured persons.

Each complaint is an opportunity for improvement

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Each complaint is recorded and reviewed by a person in charge. When something is not acceptable to our insured members, it is essential that they are able to let us know. When a problem is identified, we do everything we can to fix it.

Our employees are committed to improving our services

Behind every interaction between our insured members and Groupe Mutuel, there are dedicated employees. Thanks to their commitment, know-how and initiative, our teams are the key to our success.

Groupe Mutuel

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