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Health insurance: compulsory and supplemental coverage

Basic health insurance

Basic health insurance is compulsory for all persons living in Switzerland. You are therefore required to take out health insurance.

Discover our standard health insurance model: Standard model.

To save on premiums, you may also choose an alternative compulsory health insurance model:

These models are cost-effective alternatives to the standard insurance. Find out more about their advantages and how they work: Basic health insurance.


Understanding the Swiss health insurance system

How health insurance and its different models work in Switzerland?
Find out about the Swiss health insurance: how does it work, who is it for and what are its specificities

Supplemental health insurance

Supplemental insurance plans are optional and serve to enhance legal basic insurance benefits. They cover benefits not reimbursed under the compulsory insurance.
Areas covered:

  • Outpatient treatments
  • Hospitalisation
  • Travel and trips abroad
  • Dental care
  • Alternative medicine treatments
  • Supplemental accident insurance
  • Daily allowance benefits, pensions and lump-sum capital amounts

Ask for advice

Do you have any questions about our different insurance solutions?
Our insurance advisers will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your insurance coverage.

Exceptions to the obligation to be insured

There are exceptions to the obligation to be insured. In accordance with the bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the European Union (EU), you must be insured in the country where your income originates.

  • If your income originates from an EU country only, you and your family members are subject to the social security system of that country.
    Contact your local authorities in Switzerland to receive an exemption to the obligation to take out insurance.
  • If your income originates from one or several EU countries and from Switzerland, you and your family members are subject to the Swiss compulsory health insurance.

Accident insurance

All persons engaged in a professional activity in Switzerland are insured against illness and workplace accidents as well as, most of the time, against non-workplace accidents.
Part-time employees (less than eight hours per week) are insured against workplace accidents only.
Other persons can take out insurance by adding the accident risk to their basic health insurance coverage.


Compulsory basic health insurance covers the benefits provided under LAMal/KVG in the event of illness, accident and maternity. Choose the standard model or an alternative model that provides for specific rules in exchange for reduced premiums.

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A wide range of products to supplement the basic LAMal/KVG benefits, for enhanced protection

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