Our governance

Comply with applicable legislation

Guidelines and principles have been adopted for control and risk management. The risk management process and internal control system allow us to identify and assess potential risks and to develop the appropriate measures.

Compliance function

The Compliance function is responsible for ensuring that the activities of Groupe Mutuel comply with applicable legislation. It is also responsible for the internal and external regulations of Groupe Mutuel.  It has unrestricted access to information and the necessary independence to carry out its mandate.

Internal control and risk management

The internal control and risk management functions are responsible for integrated risk and control management, including the independent assessment of risks and control and the coordination of the internal control system.

Internal audit

The Internal audit supports the Board in its oversight function. It regularly informs the Board of its findings and suggests improvements. As a standalone entity, it provides the Board and Executive Board each year with an activity report.

Remuneration of Board and Executive Board members

The remuneration of the Board of Groupe Mutuel is governed by a set of regulations. It consists of a fixed fee and the reimbursement of representation or travel expenses. The annual remuneration of the members of the Board is limited to CHF 200,000 for the President and to CHF 80,000 for the other members. To these amounts are added CHF 10,000 when they participate in one or several specialised committees, but not more than CHF 20,000.

Upon proposal of the Remuneration and Appointments Committee, the Board sets the remuneration of the members of the Executive Board. This remuneration includes a salary (a basic salary and a variable bonus which cannot exceed 20% of the basic salary), occupational benefits and other allowances. The variable bonus is calculated taking into account predefined criteria which are based on individual and corporate results. The total annual remuneration during the 2017 financial year for all members of the Executive Board was CHF 2,672,440.70 divided into CHF 2,207,246.15 for gross salaries, CHF 234,960 for pension benefits payable by the employer and CHF 230,234 for other allowances. The highest total remuneration was CHF 497,262, i.e. a gross salary of CHF 409,890, CHF 43,200 for pension benefits and CHF 44,172 for other allowances.

Groupe Mutuel

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