Cover my legal costs and benefit from advice

Every day, your rights are under threat. Diagnosis error, road accident, identity theft on the Internet, neighbourhood conflicts: the courts are full of private lawsuits.

To assert your rights in the event of a dispute, you are reluctant to call upon a lawyer or seek legal advice, as the fees of specialists are so high.

The solution to cover your legal costs? “Legis” legal protection insurance
In the event of a covered dispute, you are entitled to two types of benefits: in-house benefits provided by the specialists of our partner Dextra Legal Protection SA, and external benefits.

Management of claims under “Legis” in partnership with Dextra
A service contract was concluded between Groupe Mutuel Assurances GMA SA and Dextra Protection juridique SA for the management of claims under “Legis”.

In-house benefits
In the event of a covered legal case, Groupe Mutuel Assurances GMA SA covers the internal administrative costs of Dextra specialists. These are essentially jurists and lawyers who advise the insured person and defends his/her interests.

External benefits

  • legal fees of appointed lawyers
  • the costs of expert opinions and court fees
  • the costs of proceedings
  • travel and prosecution fees

“Legis” legal protection insurance offers four coverage options that can be combined according to your needs, to better understand and enforce your rights. Discover them and choose the one that is right for you.

“Legis” legal protection insurance

Our legal protection insurance allows you to assert your rights and defend yourself against unjustified claims.
They are available in four thematic coverages that can be combined together:
Legissana+: legal protection in the medical field
Legisstrada: legal protection for mobility
Legispriva: private legal protection
Legisduo: mobility and private combined protection

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