ESG Charter

A commitment to society

In finance and business, sustainable investments are no longer a fad but have gained global awareness. Investors and citizens naturally demand that measures be taken, through investments, to preserve our environment. As an insurance company concerned with its social responsibility, Groupe Mutuel has defined a clear strategy with regard to sustainable investments. Behind the three initials ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) are two objectives:

  1. to guarantee the efficient management of capital; and
  2. to invest in a sustainable and fair economy.

To meet these two objectives, Groupe Mutuel commissioned Conser SA, a specialised and independent company, to audit its investments. In 2023, Groupe Mutuel investments received a very good “A” rating, on a scale ranging from “A+” for the best assessment to “D” for the least satisfactory.

Furthermore, Groupe Mutuel has drawn up and approved an ESG Charter, which summarises its strategy in five areas of development. The Charter is available below.

Groupe Mutuel

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