Which is the best basic insurance?

The best insurance is the one that is just right for you and offers you attractive benefits – tailored to your needs. Read more about how the insurance system works in Switzerland. You will find practical tips to help you choose the best insurance model for you.

How does the health insurance system in Switzerland work?

Basic insurance is mandatory in Switzerland. It is legally regulated under the Health Insurance Act  (LAMal/KVG).  All basic insurance models cover the same (statutory) benefits. What differentiates them is how they work and the cost of the premiums.

Examples of benefits covered by basic insurance:

  • outpatient treatments performed by doctors and chiropractors;
  • medically prescribed and approved medications and laboratory tests;
  • hospital treatment in the general ward.
The Swiss health insurance system in 2 minutes

Find out how the Swiss healthcare system works with our video: the solidarity principle, the different insurance models and the system of deductibles and copayments.

Which insurance model is right for you?

Would you rather call a telemedicine center or visit your family doctor? Decide for yourself how you want to contact medical professionals.

We offer five different basic insurance models tailored to individual requirements.

With the Standard model, you choose your doctor yourself. The alternative models offer you other advantages: You don’t waste time on unnecessary consultations. You also benefit from premium discounts as you help reduce healthcare costs. 

Do you prefer digital or personal contact?

Would you like to manage your insurance with just a few clicks? Or would you prefer personal support? With us, you will always receive first-class benefits.

Our digital services

  • In your Customer portal you can easily manage your entire family’s insurance from your computer or smartphone: Scan your bills, access your insurance card, track the status of your reimbursements and adjust your contracts at any time.
  • With the Compassana app, you can easily schedule appointments with healthcare professionals, securely manage your medication list and track the progress of your treatments in real time. 

Our solutions for families

You can manage your insurance coverage for all of your family members in one package. Do you have more than two children? At Groupe Mutuel you receive a 25% discount on the monthly basic insurance premium for each child. Discover all of the advantages for families

Our offers for insured persons

Discover the exclusive LeClub offers for our insured persons. They can help you stay in shape and enjoy special moments with your family. Sport, health, wellness, tourism and leisure – there is something for every taste. 

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When looking for the insurance that is right for you, there are various factors that you should consider: Your overall health, how often you use healthcare services, how you prefer to contact healthcare professionals and your budget.

It is not always easy to understand the different options and find the most suitable solution.

Simply contact our insurance specialists for assistance. They will advise you and help you make the best choice.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, anyone legally resident in Switzerland must take out compulsory health insurance within three months of taking up residence or being born. If the person in question does not sign up on their own or if they are not signed up by their legal representative within this period, they will be automatically registered by the canton or commune of residence.

In the event of an unjustifiable delay in signing up to the insurance, interest on arrears will be charged by the insurer.

Most of the gaps in basic insurance can be filled by supplemental insurance. The most significant gaps include the coverage of the costs of dental care, glasses and alternative medicine.

When terminating your basic health insurance contract, make sure that you do this on time in the correct format and that all premiums are paid. Otherwise, the request may be rejected.

Some insurance funds accept terminations by email or fax. However, the safest form of termination is a registered letter:

  • Submit your request in writing
  • Date and sign it
  • Send your application by registered mail
  • If the termination request concerns several insured persons, each adult insured person must sign it
  • Pay all bills for premiums and contributions. You have until the actual termination date to make any outstanding payments.

Basic insurance is mandatory in Switzerland. Therefore, your termination will only become effective once you have received proof of insurance from your new health insurance fund.

The notice periods for basic health insurance are stipulated in the KVG. They are the same for all health insurance providers in Switzerland.

  • To terminate your insurance: Your request must be received by your insurance provider no later than the last working day of November.
  • To decrease your deductible: Your request must be received by your insurance provider no later than the last working day of November.
  • To increase your deductible: Your request must be received by your insurance provider no later than the last working day of the current year.

Working days are Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Business days are Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays.

Note: The date is not based on the postmark, but rather the date your insurance provider receives your request. We therefore strongly recommend that you send your application by registered mail.

The notice periods for supplemental insurance are different for each insurance provider. They are stated in the general terms and conditions of the insurance. Would you like to check the notice periods for your contract? Simply contact your advisor or the customer service hotline for your health insurance provider.

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