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Ada « symptom checker »

Ada does not provide any medical diagnosis. To receive a diagnosis or medical advice, you must consult a doctor. However, Ada helps you to better understand your symptoms and to identify possible causes.

In no way can Ada replace your doctor, nor can it provide a medical diagnosis. This application allows you to make an initial assessment of your symptoms without having to consult a doctor.

Ada does not pass on your personal data to third parties without your explicit consent. After the assessment of your symptoms by Ada, Groupe Mutuel may ask you if it can share your data in order to refer you to a medical partner (such as a telemedicine partner) and direct you to the appropriate treatment. You can refuse to share your data and withdraw your consent at any time via the application settings. For more information on Ada’s privacy policy:

Ada cannot provide you with medical treatment or care. This artificial intelligence identifies the possible causes of your symptoms to give you an indication of the most appropriate treatment for you. Only a health professional or medical services can recommend treatments.

Ada gives you access to an extensive and regularly updated medical library. It provides information on illnesses, their causes, risks, prevention and therapeutic recommendations. This medical directory is available on the Ada website under "Medical Library”.

Groupe Mutuel positions itself as a Swiss importer according to the Medical Devices Ordinance (SR 821.213, ODim). (SR 821.213, MedDO).

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