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The Pregnancy+ app and the Premium offer are aimed at mothers-to-be, fathers-to-be or simply members of a family expecting a happy event, and who want to closely monitor the pregnancy and the baby’s development week by week.

  • Download the Pregnancy+ app and complete the app registration
  • Log in to your Customer Area account via the Groupe Mutuel app
  • In the “My health” section of the homepage, click on the link “Receive my access to Premium”.

The link accessible within your Customer Area is secure. By clicking on it, you will be immediately directed to the Pregnancy+ app without your data being used or sent to the application. By clicking on the link, you are simply unlocking your free access to the Premium version of Pregnancy+.

It will cost you nothing to take advantage of this offer. The Premium version of the app will be made available to you free of charge for one year from the date of your registration.

The “premium” version offers the features that have made Pregnancy+ successful, such as the pregnancy calendar and contraction counter, but also tailored video courses and access to expert advice from pregnancy and childbirth specialists. And many new features are in the pipeline.

The most efficient way to contact the Pregnancy+ team and receive prompt assistance to your inquiries is to use the Pregnancy+ app’s built-in communication feature. Simply tap on the “profile” icon located in the upper-right corner of the app and select the “Contact Us” form.
If you’re unable to reach the Pregnancy+ team through the app, you can access the “support” function on the website:

Go to our dedicated page LeClub – Boutique Philips Loyalty to receive your reduction code to be used in the Philips Loyalty online shop.

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