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Compassana is a free application that connects insured persons, hospitals, family doctors, laboratories, pharmacies and other players in the health system.

Its aim is to facilitate communication between patients and healthcare professionals thanks to the advantages of digitalisation.

Compassana allows you to organise your care pathway according to your needs. The features and services of the Compassana application are constantly evolving. A number of digital services and providers will be added to the application in the coming months.

The services currently available make it possible to:

  • enter the list of your medicines
  • access, store and file your documents and health data (medical reports, prescriptions, pictures, links) in relation to your treatment history
  • book appointments online with your doctors, therapists, pharmacies and other medical service providers
  • search for health professionals, contact them and find them quickly by adding them to your “Favourites”
  • use telemedicine services
  • Users are guided through the Compassana app and can see relevant content (services, contacts) based on their alternative basic insurance model.

Compassana is for anyone who wants to organise and monitor their health, whether they have a medical condition or not.

  • How do I take my medication?
  • Where am I in relation to my care pathway?
  • What costs are covered by my health insurance?
  • How can I quickly find the right contacts?

No. The health data you store in Compassana belongs exclusively to you and only you get to decide with whom to share it. By data protection, we mean first and foremost the protection of your "data privacy". This means that you are the only person who can log into your user account and freely dispose of it. The use of the Compassana application is subject to the highest legal requirements and the latest recommendations on information security and data protection.

Go to the Groupe Mutuel application and, in the « My health » section on the homepage, follow the link to Compassana.

As a person insured with Groupe Mutuel, you can find the list of medicines you have been prescribed in the Compassana application. It's a handy way of remembering the name of a medicine when you visit the doctor. The features and services of the Compassana application are constantly evolving.

Go to « My health » section on the homepage of the Groupe Mutuel application. There, you will find the number to dial that matches the insurance model of the selected insured person.

Compassana support will be happy to answer any detailed questions you may have about the Compassana application.

Telephone: +41 44 585 76 76 (Mon – Sun, 8 am – 7 pm)


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