Save on supplemental insurance premiums

Is there a way to obtain maximum possible coverage beyond that which is provided by basic health insurance AND pay lower premiums? Yes it is!

Here are our tips.

You can save on supplemental insurance premiums in two ways:

  • by choosing a combined supplemental insurance solution

  • by taking advantage of discounts

Please do not hesitate to ask one of our advisers
to help you choose your supplemental insurance plan

Supplemental insurance allows you to cover your needs when they are not or only partially covered by the basic health insurance. Discover our range of supplemental insurance solutions and find the coverage that suits your lifestyle.


Our combined supplemental insurance solutions

Combined supplemental insurance solutions offer a range of cover within a single policy in addition to what is provided by basic insurance. They have been designed to address the needs of specific profiles: families, travellers, self-employed people, etc.

Your benefits

  • A single policy
  • Maximum combined coverage
  • Perfect cover harmonisation; no duplication
  • Attractive premiums


Groupe Mutuel offers three types of discount to policyholders:

  • family discount
  • combination discount
  • noclaims discount

Family discount

Groupe Mutuel offers discounts on supplemental insurance for the children of policyholders. Opt for the same insurer and the same supplemental coverage for the whole family and get a 40% reduction on your underage children’s Global Classic (basic formula) premium.

Combination discount

Some categories of supplemental insurance solutions offer discounts if you combine them. Example: if you choose a product from the Global range, you get a discount on the Mundo premium (emergency treatment outside Switzerland).

No-claims discount

If you do not make any claims for certain aspects covered by our Soins Bonus and H-Bonus supplemental insurance policies, you can benefit from a discount the following year. Example: if, during the year, you do not make a claim for the benefits subject to the deductible with Bonus supplemental health coverage, your premium will be reduced by 10% the following year (maximum discount 50%).

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