Save on supplemental insurance

Do you wish to add supplemental benefits to your basic health insurance and enjoy premium discounts? Check out our tips!

Depending on your current supplemental insurance or if you want to take out a new one, premium discounts are available to ease the burden on your budget.

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Reduce the amount of your premiums thanks to our options for hospitalisation

Supplemental hospitalisation insurance

If you are insured for stays in a semi-private or private ward (HC), you can reduce your premium by choosing a deductible.

  • Discount of up to 25% with a deductible of CHF 1,000
  • Discount of up to 45% with a deductible of CHF 3,000

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With H-Bonus insurance, you pay less if you don't use it. Enjoy lower premiums.

  • 20% discount if you have not been hospitalised during the year
  • 20% discount if you choose the general ward when staying in hospital

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Hôpital Senior

Private or semi-private insurance? Choose a deductible and enjoy a discount.

  • Discount of up to 10% with a deductible of CHF 2,000
  • Discount of up to 25% with a deductible of CHF 5,000

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In just one click, thanks to your Extranet

Change the deductible amount, for you and your family members directly online, from your computer or smartphone.

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Reduce your premium (by up to 50%) by taking out Bonus supplemental insurance

Thanks to its bonus system, this insurance allows you to reduce your premium by one level if you do not claim medical benefits during the year. Otherwise, you will move up one premium level the following year.

The table below gives you an overview of the possible discounts if you do not claim any benefits from year to year (premium level 3 upon admission):

% of the premium
Premium scale



Alternative medicine
Alternative medicine



Restricted and non reimbursable drugs
Restricted and non reimbursable drugs



Glasses and contact lenses
Glasses and contact lenses









Supplemental health insurance
with a Bonus

Read about the details and conditions of the insurance. If it meets your needs, simply calculate your premium, apply online or request a quote.

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Up to 60% discount on the child premium for Global classic and Premium insurance

Grant extensive additional protection to your child with Global supplemental insurance.
If you are already insured yourself, you will pay only 60% of your child's premium.

Global Classic

If you and your child are insured with Global classic (basic module), you will pay only 60% of your child’s premium. Enjoy low-cost benefits for your child for:

  • medically prescribed drugs not covered by the basic health insurance 
  • glasses and contact lenses
  • vaccines
  • check-ups



When you and your child are insured by Premium, you receive a discount of up to 40% on the child premium.

Enjoy low-cost benefits for your child for:

  • Prescription drugs not covered by basic insurance
  • Glasses and contact lenses
  • Vaccines
  • Check-up
  • Sports club fees
  • Dental treatment 


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Add supplemental insurance and enjoy an exclusive discount

When you are insured under the Global range, we offer discounts for the following supplemental insurances:


Cover of CHF 100,000 for benefits abroad (outpatient and inpatient treatments, vaccines, search and rescue, repatriation and much more).

  • 25% discount on the child premium
  • 30% on the adult premium

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80% cover for outpatient treatments such as naturopathy, manipulation techniques or psychotherapy

  • 50% discount on the monthly premium

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Choose a deductible and receive a discount of up to 70% on your premiums

With Global supplemental insurance solutions, you can enjoy a wide range of medical benefits, all in one single product. You will be covered for hospitalisation and many other treatments such as alternative medicine, dental treatment and much more.

When you choose a deductible within the Global range, you will receive a discount on your monthly premiums of up to 70%, depending on the ward and deductible chosen.

Discover the Global insurance range

Browse our full range of Global products and find the insurance suited to your needs.

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