Cover my maternity costs

Are you expecting your first child or expanding your family?

From a positive pregnancy test to the arrival of your baby, your health needs will have changed. To make the most of this experience, you can adjust your insurance coverage. Discover our advice for every step of your maternity journey.


Expecting a new arrival? Congratulations! This is a very special time in your life, and you should be getting plenty of care and attention. But this wonderful news has probably also left you with a lot of questions, both medical and financial.

Read our advice on how to find the right insurance for your pregnancy and anticipate your future needs.

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Giving birth is a unique experience! You are about to meet your baby. This little human being that has been growing inside you for months is about to show its face and you are about to experience a unique event in your life together. So that you can enjoy this moment to the full, here is some advice on how to plan your delivery and anticipate the days ahead.

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Insurance for newborns

Even before your baby is born, you’re already doing all you can to protect them: adjusting your diet and habits, going for check-ups at the gynaecologist, and making your home as cosy as possible for the new arrival. You can also start planning for your baby’s healthcare and benefit from all the advantages of prenatal insurance.

Learn how and when to insure your baby to guarantee they have the best health coverage from the moment they arrive.

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