Supplemental insurance for your travel abroad

Mundo supplemental insurance offers comprehensive coverage during your holidays or trips around the world. In case of illness or accident abroad, you are covered up to CHF 100,000 per year. Travel safely thanks to Mundo!


  • I am covered all the year round in case of illness or accident abroad.
  • My expenses are covered up to a total amount of CHF 100,000 per year.
  • I am covered for illness and accident benefits.
  • This insurance is open to persons of all ages.
Main benefits

Outpatient treatments and hospitalisation

  • Treatments recognised under LAMal/KVG


  • Transport to the nearest hospital

Search, rescue and repatriation

  • When an insured person's physical integrity is in jeopardy
  • In case of medical necessity, repatriation to the country of residence


  • Necessary vaccinations before departure

Benefits in case of death

  • Lump-sum benefit of CHF 5,000
  • Repatriation of the mortal remains to the country of residence
  • Security: I can travel abroad with peace of mind, knowing that I am well insured.
  • Simplicity: I am covered during my trips and stays abroad.
  • Savings: I benefit from comprehensive coverage at a competitive premium rate.

Calculate your insurance premium online

  • Our online offers system allows you to rapidly calculate your premium, without any obligation on your part. If you accept the offer, simply print it out and send us the proposal form duly signed.

  • Calculate my premium in the online offers system

Request advice
  • By phone

  • 0800 808 848 (freephone number)
    08.00 – 18.00 from Monday to Friday, except on public holidays

  • By email

  • Form to request a contact

Frequently asked questions

Your basic health insurance covers treatment abroad only in the event of an emergency. Voluntary treatment is not reimbursed.

  • In EU/EFTA countries, emergency medical expenses are covered by the basic health insurance, upon presentation of the European Health Insurance Card (back of your insurance card), under the conditions provided for by the social system of the relevant country. However, you remain subject to the local cost-sharing amounts, which may be higher than in Switzerland. Mundo supplemental insurance refunds the corresponding amount.
  • In countries outside the EU/EFTA, emergency medical expenses are covered by the basic health insurance, up to twice the amount that would have been paid by the insurer if the treatment had taken place in Switzerland (200% of the Swiss rate for outpatient treatment and 90% of the Swiss rate for inpatient treatment). Supplemental coverage, such as Mundo insurance, is especially recommended for the USA, Canada, Japan and Australia, where medical services are very expensive compared to Switzerland.

Groupe Mutuel Assistance is at your disposal 24 hours a day on +41 848 808 111. You will be put in contact with an agent at the head office of Allianz Global Assistance, our partner for emergency healthcare abroad.

Please state your name, date of birth, the nature of the illness or accident, your location, as well as the address and telephone number where you can be reached.

If you have supplemental health insurance coverage, you will find the contact details for international 24-hour assistance on the back of your LCA/VVG insurance card.

If you have subscribed to Mundo coverage, you may request repatriation provided it is organised by Groupe Mutuel Assistance. Repatriation refers only to transport from a hospital abroad to a hospital in Switzerland.

Please send us your request online. We will send you the certificate as soon as possible.  If your request is urgent, please call our Customer Services on 0848 803 111. This document can be drawn up in the three national languages and in English.
If you are travelling to Russia, you need to take out Mundo supplemental insurance, unless you have similar coverage with another insurance company.

Yes, in some cases. Basic health insurance covers 50% of the cost of transportation in a medically-equipped vehicle. The contribution to costs is limited to CHF 500 per calendar year. 

Yes, in some cases. Basic health insurance covers 50% of the costs, up to CHF 5,000 per calendar year (in Switzerland only).
Rescue operations are the measures taken to prevent someone from being in danger because of his state of health and/or a dangerous location, with the aim to save his life, prevent further rapid and significant deterioration of his condition and from suddenly finding himself in a life-threatening situation.
However, search and evacuation costs are not covered.

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