Managing the health of your employees

HumanCare is the programme we use to help companies manage their employees' absences. Through its Care Management and Case Management services, Groupe Mutuel deals with everything from receiving notification of an absence to coordinating insurance matters and mediation, as well as the employee’s return to work. The aim is to help employees recover and return to work on a long-term basis.

HumanCare, our approach

The HumanCare programme offers sick or injured employees the best possible care. With better support, employees are able to recover and return to work with greater peace of mind. As partners, your managers and our teams work together to develop the most appropriate solution for each case of incapacity for work.

Active management
of cases of incapacity

Care management


Assessment of
the workstation

Case Management

Coordination with
social insurance institutions


A multidisciplinary team

Dealing with absent employees requires a multidisciplinary approach. Available throughout Switzerland, our 200 CHM specialists will place their skills at the service of your employees. The approach is structured around five key stages: receiving notification of the claim, examining the case, managing the initial investigative measures, assessing the incapacity for work and, finally, providing support, rehabilitation and follow-up measures.

Health Managers
As the first point of contact for cases of incapacity for work, they will handle and assess your claims. They monitor the stages of the process in coordination with the relevant social institutions (AI/IV disability office, unemployment insurance, pension funds, etc.)

Care Managers
They meet quickly with employees who are absent from work to understand the reasons and identify how they can provide support.

Medical advisers and independent medical experts
They assess, and check work capacity and give their opinion on treatment and other medical issues.

Case Managers
Called upon to assist in complex situations of work incapacity with a potential for return to work, they assist the employee with a health problem and support your HR department in the process.

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We help companies to optimise their work organisation in order to improve the health and performance of their employees and reduce absences.

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Corporate Health Management (CHM)

Corporate Health Management (CHM)

Promoting health, preventing risks and managing absences: CHM helps you reduce absences due to illness and accident. Find out more about our global and human approach.

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