Groupe Mutuel's publications are intended to provide information about various topics such as health, prevention and products and are aimed at all our clients, whether they are private individuals or companies. On paper and online, Groupe Mutuel informs you in a user-friendly and transparent manner.

The magazine for our insured members

Mag informs you about a wide range of current topics in the fields of insurance and health in particular. Magazine available in German, French and Italian.


The magazine for companies

GMpro is aimed at companies and executives. You will find information on occupational health prevention and other current topics. Magazine available in German and French.


Activity reports

As official publications of Groupe Mutuel, our activity reports allow you to find a wealth of information on our activities and key figures.



Articles on health, prevention, Groupe Mutuel's commitments, companies and health policy are regularly proposed to you. Articles available in German and French only.


Social media networks

Find out more about our presence in social media networks. Available in German or French only.

Groupe Mutuel

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