Brand identity

To listen to you, to get to know you and to support you

By placing the individual at the heart of everything we do, we are able to build and maintain a strong relationship with our policyholders.

New brand identity

A new look for Groupe Mutuel in 2022.

Our visual identity is undergoing a number of changes. It will now include warm and natural colours to convey a sense of caring and reassurance. Our colour range has expanded to reflect the diversity of the Swiss people and their needs. A soft and flowing line will emphasise our logo and be visible in all of our communications to express the strong bond we have with our individual and corporate policyholders, at the different stages of their lives.

Beyond these visual changes, it is an entire company that is changing and working hard to improve its responsiveness and the quality of its services. Caring, proactive and responsible: these values drive the actions of our 2,700 employees on a daily basis. These changes in form and content demonstrate our ongoing commitment to our customers and our role in society.

At Groupe Mutuel, we intend to become your reference partner for health and pension matters. 

Print campaigns

Learn in which situations we can help you

Groupe Mutuel is changing !

All that binds us together in a mutual supportive spirit

The new communications campaign is all about real life, in its diversity. It will reveal little moments of everyday life, as experienced by each and every one of us. To be at the heart of everyday life? That’s exactly what is expected from the largest multiline insurer for private individuals.

TV commercial (FR)

Poster campaign

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