I am (soon to be) a parent

How do I insure my child?

Basic health insurance and supplemental insurance for your baby

Do you have children, or is your baby about to be born? Children bring us great happiness, but sometimes also concerns. They are fragile and require lots of care. To ensure they receive good healthcare, it is important to have them well insured against illness, accidents and their consequences.

Calculate the premium for my future child

Find the prenatal insurance you need.

Prenatal insurance

You can take out insurance for children of any age. However, you have everything to gain by doing it before they are born. This is what “prenatal” insurance is all about.

Your advantages:

  • Automatic insurance: your baby is insured from birth.
  • No medical exclusions: you do not have to fill in a questionnaire and do not take the risk that coverage will be refused.
  • Nothing to pay: some types of insurance are free for children under three years of age.
Standard health insurance and supplemental insurance

To make sure your baby or child is well insured, we suggest you

  1. select a standard compulsory insurance model in accordance with the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance (LAMal/KVG)
    Our advice:
    - opt for a standard model which offers you greater liberty in terms of benefits and choice of physician
    - opt for the lowest deductible of CHF 0 if you will regularly consult a paediatrician in the first few years.
  2. include accident risk
  3. complete the coverage by adding one or more supplemental insurance schemes, depending on your requirements
Life insurance

We also suggest you take out life insurance for your child or for yourself as the parent. You will thus be providing your child with comprehensive financial cover and savings for its future financial needs.

Discover our recommended supplemental insurance and life insurance schemes for your child.

Life insurance

Are you pregnant?

Check out our guide to find out about the benefits and coverage during this special period, from the beginning of your pregnancy to the tenth week after giving birth.

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