Hôpital senior

Hospitalisation insurance for persons over 55

Are you still working or already retired? Here’s the good news: you can subscribe to the “Hôpital senior” insurance even if you are older than 55. This insurance allows you to choose between four levels of hospitalisation benefits in the event of illness or accident.


  • I am free to choose between a general ward anywhere in Switzerland without extra charge, including accommodation comfort of a room with two beds (level 1) or a room with one bed (level 2), a semi-private ward (level 3) or a private ward (level 4).
  • I am free to choose the hospital and the specialist who will attend to me, from among all the hospitals/clinics recognised by Groupe Mutuel throughout Switzerland (levels 3 and 4).
  • I am covered for hospitalisation in the event of illness or accident.
  • This insurance is open to persons of all ages.
  • Exclusivity: I can conclude a “Hôpital senior” insurance without age limit.
  • Choice: I can select a suitable level of coverage from among a general ward with preferred comfort and a semi-private or private ward.
  • Savings: I benefit from a significant premium discount when choosing a deductible (levels 3 to 4).

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Frequently asked questions

If you only have basic insurance, you can be admitted to the clinic providing you stay in a general ward and that the hospital is listed by your canton of residence (Art. 41, para. 1bis LAMal/KVG).
If not, you must have supplemental insurance to cover the costs of a semi-private or private room.

Your basic insurance covers standard hospital care in the general ward of a hospital listed by your canton of residence (Art. 41, para. 1bis LAMal/KVG).

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