Supplemental insurance for alternative medicine

Acupuncture, osteopathy, hypnosis... Are you a fan of alternative medicine? Alterna supplemental health insurance covers the costs of drugs and alternative medicine therapies carried out by doctors, at a reasonable price for your budget.


  • I am covered for a number of alternative medicine treatments carried out by doctors.
  • The drugs prescribed within these treatments are reimbursed up to CHF 2,000 per year.
  • I am covered for illness, maternity and accident benefits.
  • This insurance is open to persons of all ages.
Main benefits


  • Acupuncture, auriculotherapy, bioresonance, electroacupuncture, homeopathy, magnetotherapy, Chinese medicine, phytotherapy, neural therapy
  • 80% of treatment costs

Manipulation techniques

  • Etiopathy, anthroposophic medicine, mesotherapy, orthobionomy, osteopathy, Autogenic training
  • 80% of treatment costs


  • Bio-energetics, medical hypnosis, rebirthing, sophrology, eye movement desensitization therapy (EMDR)
  • 80% of treatment costs


  • Drugs relating to these therapies
  • Max. CHF 2,000/year

  • Savings: I can take out basic coverage for alternative medicine at a competitive premium rate.

Request advice

Do you have any questions about Alterna supplemental insurance?
Our insurance advisers are available to answer any questions you may have.

Frequently asked questions

Please contact our services to check whether the therapist and treatment are approved by Groupe Mutuel and that your supplemental insurance coverage is intended for this purpose.

Before any cure, your doctor must send us a request for coverage, mentioning the name of the spa facilities so that we may check whether they are recognised.

Mainly dental accidents not covered by accident insurance and certain serious illnesses of the masticatory system as defined in Articles 17 to 19(b) of the Ordinance on Healthcare Insurance Benefits (OPAS/KLV). Terms of coverage are very restrictive.
In case of doubt, send us a treatment request completed by your dentist (detailed report, notification of injuries according to LAMal/KVG, cost estimate, X-rays, …).

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