Outpatient treatment insurance

Outpatient or inpatient treatment?

An outpatient treatment serves to diagnose, treat and monitor a patient without the latter having to stay in hospital. This might include, for example, a treatment in the A&E department, a medical appointment, an alternative medicine treatment or home help benefits.

On the other hand, an inpatient treatment is administered in hospital and involves staying there for 24 hours at least (see Supplemental Hospitalisation insurances).

Why choose outpatient treatment insurance?

Outpatient treatment insurance covers a number of expenses not reimbursed by the basic health insurance and represents an ideal supplement to the basic benefits that are often restricted.

Therefore, to supplement basic health insurance benefits for outpatient treatments, Groupe Mutuel offers:

  • full coverage plans (with a wide range of benefits) and/or
  • more specific coverage plans (with targeted benefits).

Whatever your needs, you will find the outpatient treatment insurance that suits you among the plans below.

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