Mobility and private legal insurance

The most common disputes arise in the areas of private life and road traffic. We have therefore combined Legisstrada mobility legal protection and Legispriva personal liability protection to form Legisduo insurance. This combined coverage offers the advantage and benefits of both products.


  • Legisduo is a combination of Legisstrada and Legispriva. I am therefore insured in the areas covered by both insurances.
  • The insurance provides me with legal assistance and covers the costs of lawyers, expert opinions and procedures.
Main areas and insured benefits

Areas covered

  • Road traffic law
  • Infringements of road traffic law

  • Personal liability
  • Claiming damages from those responsible for bodily or material injury

  • Insurers
  • Disputes with insurers, health insurers and pension funds

  • Criminal and administrative law
  • Criminal or administrative proceedings

  • Vehicles
  • Disputes relating to the purchase, sale, leasing, maintenance and repair of your vehicle

  • Recreational activities on the public highway
  • Disputes relating to roller skating, skateboards or scooters

  • Employment
  • Conflicts with the employer

  • Real estate
  • Advocacy as an owner

  • Housing and neighbourhood
  • Disputes with the owner of the dwelling
    Neighbourhood conflicts (up to CHF 10,000)

  • Work contract
  • Disputes for work in the inhabited property

  • Services and consumer goods
  • Disputes with a merchant, an online merchant site or a telephone service provider.

  • Family
  • Individual, family and estate law (legal consulting services up to CHF 500)

Benefits provided by the insurer

  • Legal assistance and defence by Dextra Protection juridique SA specialists

External services: payment of costs

  • Legal fees of appointed lawyers
  • Expertise costs
  • Court costs
  • Costs of proceedings
  • Legal compensation awarded to the opposing party
  • Travel and legal action costs
  • Criminal bail bond

Benefits limit

  • CHF 250,000/case

Monthly premium

  • For adults over 19 years old
  • CHF 19.65/month
  • Family members living in common household with the insured adult:
    Over 19 years old
  • CHF 5.05/month
  • Family members living in common household with the insured adult:
    Children up to 18 years
  • Free
  • Child up to 18 years insured alone
  •  CHF 4,90/month
Report a claim

How do I report a legal protection claim?

  • Report your claim to our claims management partner, Dextra Protection juridique SA
  • Report a claim
  • Extended coverage: I am insured as a private individual, employee, tenant and party to a contract, but also as a driver, passenger, private vehicle user, pedestrian, cyclist, public transport user. The cost of actions and legal procedures to defend my interests is no longer a problem.

Calculate your insurance premium online

  • Our online offers system allows you to rapidly calculate your premium, without any obligation on your part. If you accept the offer, simply print it out and send us the proposal form duly signed.

  • Calculate my premium in the online offers system

Request advice

Request advice

  • By phone

  • 0800 808 848 (freephone number)
    08.00 – 18.00 from Monday to Friday, except on public holidays

  • Par E-mail

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