Basic insurance with telephone advice

SanaTel is a cost-effective alternative to standard insurance. Within this model, you must first call our partner medical hotline before seeking medical treatment.


  • I call Medi24 first to the freephone number 0800 726 283 (except in an emergency or in cases specified in the terms and conditions of insurance).
  • I take note of the advice given by Medi24.
  • At the end of the conversation, I remain free to choose the medical treatment.


  • It is imperative that I call Medi24 before seeking medical treatment. I can then consult the doctor of my choice.


Available Deductibles

The ordinary deductible is CHF 300 for adults and CHF 0 for children.
I can reduce my premium by increasing my deductible.

  • Savings:  I am able to benefit from a really attractive discount.
  • Response time: I can obtain expert advice by phone at any time. Therefore, I avoid unnecessary appointments.
  • Flexibility: I am not restricted in my choice of doctor or medical facilities and am free to decide on the next steps of the treatment after receiving medical advice.
  • Reliability: Medi24 hotline has over 20 years' experience in telemedicine. Over 120 specialists are available 24/7 to answer my questions in French, German, Italian and English.
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Request advice

Do you have any questions about SanaTel? Our specialist advisers are here to help.

Frequently asked questions

No, you cannot call Medi24 simply to announce a doctor's appointment. You must first take note of the medical advice provided by Medi24. This will provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision about the next steps of your treatment.

To avoid having to call Medi24 before each medical appointment for the follow-up of a chronic illness, you can ask Medi24 to issue a recommendation specifically for your situation. Such a recommendation remains valid until the end of the calendar year and can be renewed as early as October for the following year.

After two reminders for failing to comply with the rules of SanaTel insurance (breaches) in the same calendar year, you will be transferred to the standard model of compulsory health insurance.

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