Cover my medical costs in the event of an accident

Are you looking for comprehensive coverage for workplace and non-workplace accidents?

The cost of treatment following an accident can mount up very quickly. It is therefore extremely important to have the appropriate insurance coverage in place.

Accident insurance in Switzerland: do I need coverage?

All employees in Switzerland are obliged to have insurance taken out by their employer to cover workplace accidents (and non-workplace from 8 hours per week at the employer's premises) via an insurance policy, as stipulated by the Swiss Federal Law on Accident Insurance (LAA/KVG)

Self-employed people, housewives, house-husbands, children, students and retired people should add accident insurance to their compulsory health insurance coverage under LAMal/KVG.

Limited coverage

Accident insurance only provides basic coverage.

If you need more comprehensive cover, i.e. a policy that provides more extensive cover or pays out more in the event of an workplace or non-workplace accident, there is only one solution: you should take out supplemental insurance.

Increased cover for medical costs

Our supplemental insurance solutions allow you to choose your hospital, your surgeon and your level of hospital comfort. They also provide reimbursement for things such as rescue, repatriation and cosmetic surgery.

We recommend two products in particular. Choose the one appropriate for your age.

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