Insurance for treatment costs in the event of an accident

An accident can happen quickly and result in significant costs. ActiVita covers workplace and non-workplace accidents, in addition to the compulsory insurance. It provides benefits such as hospitalisation in a private ward, plastic surgery treatments, rescue operations and emergency transport.


  • I can enjoy first-class benefits not covered by the compulsory insurance.
  • I am covered for a number of high-risk sports practised under normal circumstances - parachuting, scuba diving, bungee jumping, etc.
  • I am covered against workplace and non-workplace accidents.
  • This insurance is open to persons under 60 years.
Benefits covered

Hospitalisation and rehabilitation

  • Comfort and free choice of specialist
  • Private ward in the medical facilities of your choice (unlimited in Switzerland; max. CHF 3'000/day abroad)

Search operations and emergency transport

  • Search, rescue and emergency transport costs
  • CHF 60'000/case

Plastic surgery

  • Surgery costs in Switzerland
  • CHF 60'000/case

Telephone support

  • Legal advice in the event of an accident
  • 24/7

Caretaking service for your home

  • Checking fridges and freezers
    Emptying the letter box
    Taking care of pets, etc.
  • CHF 1'500/case

  • Security: I can undergo the necessary treatments, including plastic surgery.
  • Comfort: I can stay in a private ward in hospital and choose my doctor and medical facilities.
  • Exclusivity: I benefit from assistance services in the event of an accident.

Request advice

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Frequently asked questions

Accident coverage is compulsory in Switzerland and is included in the compulsory health insurance (LAMal/KVG). People who work more than eight hours a week and who are subject to compulsory accident insurance by their employer in accordance with the LAA/UVG (law on accident insurance) can request that their health insurer suspend this risk.

As soon as a loss occurs, the insured person must notify the appropriate insurer of the loss. Please print the LAMal/LCA accident report form, complete all sections and return it to the address indicated on the form.   
In the event of a dental accident, you must have your dentist complete a dental accident report, in addition to the accident report.


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