Cantonal hospitals

Anticipate the costs of your stay in hospital

Your compulsory basic health insurance covers standard medical expenses in a general ward when staying in a cantonal hospital. In accordance with the Federal Law on Health Insurance (LAMal/KVG), insureds persons contribute to the costs of their stay in hospital.

These costs include:

  • the deductible (according to your insurance contract)
  • 10% of costs exceeding the deductible (co-insurance)
  • a contribution to the costs of room and board

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List of cantonal hospitals by speciality

Do you wish to find the hospital best suited to your circumstances? The “Hostofinder” comparison table is made for you! Select your search criteria and compare the list of facilities using indicators such as the quality of medical treatment, patient satisfaction and the professionalism of hospital staff:

Do you have any questions about the costs of maternity and birth centres? View the legal information:

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