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If you only have basic insurance, you can be admitted to the clinic providing you stay in a general ward and that the hospital is listed by your canton of residence (Art. 41, para. 1bis LAMal/KVG).
If not, you must have supplemental insurance to cover the costs of a semi-private or private room.

You are reimbursed for standard hospital care in a general ward up to the rate applicable for this treatment in a hospital listed by your canton of residence (Art. 41 para. 1bis LAMal/KVG). There will be no additional charges if the hospitalisation is due to an emergency or medical necessity (i.e. if the benefits cannot be provided in the canton of residence).
However, if you wish to be hospitalised in another canton for personal reasons, the difference between the reference rate of your canton of residence and that of the facilities where you were hospitalised is entirely at your expense or at the expense of a possible supplemental insurance policy.

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