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LeClub is a programme of special offers reserved for persons insured with Groupe Mutuel's health insurance plans. Exclusive offers are available in a number of areas such as health, well-being, sports and leisure activities.

The discounts in our LeClub offers are entirely funded by our partners, with no link to your insurance premiums. The only exceptions are certain concerts and shows, races and LeClub events, to which Groupe Mutuel's supplemental insurance companies contribute financially. 

No. If you are insured with Groupe Mutuel and have an insurance card, you will automatically receive access to LeClub offers. As such, you benefit all year round from a number of discounts and exclusive advantages in a variety of areas.

You can access LeClub offers with your insurance card or thanks to an exclusive code from our partners. Check out the offers for more details.


You will find all current LeClub offers on our website at www.groupemutuel.ch/leclub

The LeClub newsletter informs you, six to eight times a year, of our new exclusive offers. Subscribe now by completing the registration form.

You will also find LeClub offers in your mailbox, along with Groupe Mutuel Mag and the LeClub flyer enclosed with the May and November invoices.

LeClub flyers are automatically attached to your quarterly invoice, so that you don't incur additional mailing costs. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to automatically or manually extract the flyer from a mailing.

Yes. In case of a family grouping, only one flyer is sent to the family contact person. If you need additional flyers to take advantage of an offer, you can request them by email.

You can send us your comments and suggestions using the contact form. Thank you in advance for your comments. We will do our utmost to meet your expectations.

Your personal data will not be passed on or used by Groupe Mutuel or its partners. Only your address will be used for the purpose of sending out LeClub offers.

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