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Insurance card

Generating your card may take four to six weeks. If you are insured with Groupe Mutuel for basic health insurance, your insurance card in digital format is available to you and your family on our Groupe Mutuel application.

Your insurance number can be found on your insurance certificate (under your date of birth) and on the invoices received.
It can also be found on your insurance card, if the card was issued from May 2019 onwards. However, it is not shown on older cards.

You do not need to take care of this. We automatically replace insurance cards that are due to expire.

This number is useful to the various healthcare providers you consult. With this number, they have access to your insurance coverage and can invoice us directly for their fees.

If your card is lost or stolen, contact the card production centre hotline immediately on 032 625 42 22 to have it suspended and prevent its use by third parties. Then order a new card using the document request form or by contacting us by post, email or telephone. You will receive your new card within four to six weeks. The insurer reserves the right to charge the administrative costs of this procedure (CHF 20).

You can order a new card using the document request form, by post, email or telephone. It will be sent to you within four to six weeks.

No, since the end of August 2020 discounts are only available upon presentation of the SunCard. However, since you are insured with Groupe Mutuel, you may benefit from this card until 28 February 2021 and you can use it free of charge for one year. After this date, you may purchase or renew the SunCard at half price.

Your digital insurance card available in your Customer Area has the same purpose as the physical card and can be used to prove your coverage to doctors, pharmacists and hospitals.

However, if you are travelling within the European Union (EU), you must have your physical card with your European Health Insurance Card on the back. The digital insurance card is not recognised in the EU.

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