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As soon as a loss occurs, the insured person must notify the appropriate insurer of the loss. Please print the LAMal/LCA accident report form, complete all sections and return it to the address indicated on the form.   
In the event of a dental accident, you must have your dentist complete a dental accident report, in addition to the accident report.

Please contact your company’s HR department so that they can report the case to the LAA/UVG insurer.

Accident coverage is compulsory in Switzerland. Accidents must be covered either by the insured person’s employer or by the basic health insurance (compulsory health insurance) if the insured person does not have an employer.

If you are covered against accidents through your employer’s LAA/UVG insurance, you can exclude this coverage from your basic health insurance (compulsory health insurance) for the month following your online suspension request.
If you wish to add the accident risk to your compulsory health insurance, fill in the online form to add the accident risk. The change will be effective on the first day of the month following your request.

Yes. Accident coverage must be included in your compulsory health insurance because your employer no longer covers you for this risk. To include accident risk in your compulsory insurance, send us an online request.

No, persons receiving unemployment benefits are compulsorily insured against accidents by the unemployment fund at SUVA. In order to suspend accident cover from the basic health insurance, please send us a written request. We will suspend your accident insurance according to your period of entitlement to benefits decided by the unemployment fund. 

If you have an employer, you must ask for an accident report sheet. You must then send this document to the pharmacy with the medical prescription.
If you do not have an employer, simply show your insurance card with the prescription to your pharmacist.  The latter will forward his invoice to your accident insurer.

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