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Federal taxes, environmental tax

The section of the insurance certificate called “Federal taxes” corresponds to the CO2 incentive tax on fossil fuels (e.g. heating oil and natural gas) and to the tax on volatile organic compounds (e.g. cleaning products for metals, paint and varnishes). These taxes are redistributed to the population in line with current legislation. This amount is CHF 77.40 per person for 2020.

The "contribution to health promotion", which is also included in the insurance certificate, partly finances the institution of disease prevention, which is managed by insurers and cantons. This contribution is required by the Federal Health Insurance Law (LAMal/KVG) and amounts to CHF 4.80 per person per year. This amount, i.e. CHF 0.40 per month, is deducted from the compulsory health insurance premiums.

When environmental taxes were introduced, the Swiss Parliament decided to redistribute the proceeds of environmental taxes to the population in equal shares, since they were not intended to be a new source of revenue for the State.

Redistribution is carried out by health insurers because only they can guarantee access to the entire population of our country.

Anyone who is subject to basic health insurance - or compulsory health insurance under the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Law (LAMal/KVG) and who is domiciled in Switzerland is entitled to this redistribution.
On the other hand, persons who are subject to the LAMal/KVG but who are not legally resident in Switzerland are not entitled to it.
Individuals who join LAMal/KVG during the year (foreign arrivals or newborns) are entitled to redistribution upon arrival in Switzerland or at birth.
The amount of the redistribution of the environmental tax is deducted from the monthly premium. If the insured person receives a subsidy that covers 100% of his premium, he receives a credit note.

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