Deductible and co-insurance

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Deductible and co-insurance

You will find the status of your deductible, before and after deduction of your health expenses, on every statement of benefits that is sent to you. Check your statements to find out the amount remaining under your deductible. You can also view the status of your deductible at all times, via your Customer Area.

The deductibles available depend on your age. By increasing your deductible, you will reduce your premium.

  • For a child: the ordinary deductible is CHF 0.
    The other possible deductibles are CHF 100/ CHF 200 / CHF 300 / CHF 400 / CHF 500 / CHF 600
  • For an adult: the ordinary deductible is CHF 300.
    The other possible deductibles are CHF 500 / CHF 1,000 / CHF 1,500 / CHF 2,000 / CHF 2,500

For more information, please visit our page on how to save on your basic health insurance premiums.

You may ask to change the amount of your deductible for 1 January of the coming year, using our online form.

  • Do you wish to reduce your deductible? Your request must reach us before the last working day of November.
  • Do you wish to increase your deductible? You have until the last working day of the year to send us your request.

The deductible is the fixed annual amount that the insured person pays themselves. As long as the deductible amount is not exceeded, the health costs are payable by the insured person. When this amount is exceeded, 90% of the costs are covered by the insurance company. The remaining 10% is the co-insurance, which must be paid by the insured person. 

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