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GMnet web portal and its mobile application, GMapp

Manage your contracts, modify your data and track your expenses from your computer or mobile phone. Our customer area is available on computer, tablet and smartphone thanks to the GMnet web portal and the free mobile application GMapp. Find out more about the advantages and features of these two services.

A portal and an app to make your life easier

No more paperwork! You can now manage your personal data and insurance documents wherever you are, simply, quickly and securely.


your data is protected by a personal username, password and access code


you have an overview of your current documents and personal data


information is exchanged in real time; there is no waiting time or delay


the portal and application are intuitive and interactive; easy to use

Register and log into GMnet and GMapp

You must register before you can access your customer area and personal data.
Follow the instructions on the GMnet and GMapp pages.

GMnet and GMapp features

Thanks to the GMnet portal and GMapp application, you may

GMnet and GMapp features
  • view and modify your contracts and those of your family
  • access your benefits' statements and premium invoices
  • transfer electronically documents such as bills, referral certificates or letters
  • view your account status, deductibles and co-payments
  • manage your payment deadlines
  • check the processing status of your documents
  • change your personal data
  • obtain a digital insurance card (currently only available for basic health insurance)
  • ask questions online
  • benefit from LeClub offers

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