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Your insurance benefits at a glance

Use a secure customer area to send us your medical bills, check your documents or update your personal data and contracts. From a computer, tablet or smartphone, you are able to manage your health insurance easily, wherever and whenever you wish.

A client portal to make your life easier

No more paperwork! Manage your health insurance data and documents directly in your online customer area.


Simply capture any invoices and documents to be sent and keep track of their status at all times.


Submit requests online, track their status and receive a notification when we send you correspondence.


Browse the main information of your contract, directly on your homepage.


Your data is protected by a personal username, a password and an access code.

Log on using a computer, tablet or smartphone

Access your online customer area

Sign up to manage your insurance online

To connect to your customer area, you will need to request a username and password.

  • Create an account by completing the access request form. You will receive your username instantly by email and your password by separate post within two to five days.
  • Access your online customer area or download the application on your smartphone.
  • To log in, enter your email address, the password received by mail and the code received by SMS text message.

Useful to know

One account, several smartphones

You can set up the application on several smartphones, for one same account. Managing the entire family’s health insurance has never been easier!

Digital or paper invoices? You choose

As soon as your request for access has been confirmed, you will receive our correspondence and will be able to make your payments electronically only. Do you still wish to receive your premium invoices and benefit statements in paper format? Activate the paper mail option in the settings of your customer area.

Do you have any questions?

Call our hotline on 058 758 71 71
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