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The annual deductible of your compulsory health insurance can only be changed at the beginning of a calendar year upon written request (by letter or using our online form).
If you wish to increase your deductible, the request must be received by us by 31 December at the latest.
If you wish to reduce your deductible, the request must be received by 30 September, or 30 November at the latest once the premiums have been announced

The Insurance certificate and Insurance policy document that you receive when signing up, and then each October when your new premiums are announced, gives you all the details of your coverage.
The “Insurance certificate” section shows your compulsory health insurance model under the Federal Law on Health Insurance (LAMal/KVG).
The “Insurance policy” section shows the supplemental coverage you have taken out under the Federal Law on Insurance Contracts (LCA/VVG).
Each insurance mentioned on this document refers you to the corresponding general or specific terms and conditions of insurance. You will find the terms and conditions of insurance in your insurance records or on our website. 

Yes, the contract expires automatically and tacitly, unless you send us a written notice of termination.

Health insurance (LAMal/KVG) covers the accidents of persons who are not gainfully employed (children, pensioners, self-employed individuals, homemakers, etc.) or who work less than eight hours a week. In the event of an accident, the compulsory health insurance covers the costs in the same way as it does with an illness. Insured persons are therefore subject to the deductible amount and co-insurance.

Accident insurance (LAA/UVG) taken out by employers for their employees is compulsory for anyone who is gainfully employed for more than eight hours a week. These persons can suspend the accident risk from their compulsory health insurance.

In case of an accident, accident insurance reimburses 100% of the costs.

Please note that persons receiving unemployment benefits are covered by the SUVA during their period of entitlement to unemployment benefits.

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