Approved cure facilities

To get back on your feet after a health problem

Heal a chronic illness, get back on your feet after a stay in hospital or put a stop to your addiction to alcohol: these are some of the situations that may lead you to begin a cure. Such expenses are optimally covered by the relevant supplemental insurance plan.

Reimbursement of cure-related expenses

Cures are covered both by the basic LAMal/KVG health insurance and your supplemental insurance plans, depending on a number of criteria. You must send us a prescription from your doctor before starting the intended cure. We will then check whether the expenses are covered.

The lists below also apply to the insurance products under supplemental accident insurance (LAAC/ZUVG), non-LAA/UVG group accident insurance (ACN) and SafetyPro.

Thermal cures and balneotherapy: to relieve your recurring aches and pains

Thermal cures and balneotherapy facilitate the healing process thanks to the therapeutic benefits of hot water on blood flow and joint pain.

The Ordinance on Healthcare Insurance Benefits (OPAS/KLV) provides for a contribution of CHF 10/day for balneotherapy and thermal cures prescribed by your doctor, for up to 21 days per calendar year and under the compulsory health insurance (AOS/OKP).

Furthermore, thermal cures and balneotherapy must take place in approved rest facilities in Switzerland. Approved facilities are listed in these documents:

Convalescence cures: recover your health after a serious illness or a stay in hospital

Convalescence cures allow you to rest and to recover your health after having suffered an illness that undermined your general health condition. These cures are covered by a number of supplemental insurance plans and must take place in facilities approved by Groupe Mutuel.

Please send us a medical prescription before the start of your planned stay. We will then check whether the cure is covered.

Approved facilities for convalescence cures:

Alcohol and tobacco detoxification cures: put a stop to your addiction to alcohol and tobacco

Detoxification cures help patients give up an addiction to substances that can harm their health. Cures are covered by a number of supplemental insurance plans if they take place in one of the facilities on the following website:

Comment: The insurer can change the criteria for the approval of facilities at any time.

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