Accident insurance for self-employed workers

Have you been injured at work? Or had a fall during your ski holidays? SafetyPro protects you against the financial consequences of workplace and non-workplace accidents. This insurance is designed for self-employed workers. It serves to supplement your compulsory insurance and allows you to make up for a loss of income due to an accident.


  • I am covered in the event of a workplace or non-workplace accident.
  • No medical questionnaire needs to be completed upon joining the insurance.
  • I define my coverage according to my requirements: I can choose a basic module and add different options.
  • I benefit from several products within one single product: treatment costs, daily allowance in the event of incapacity for work and/or hospitalisation, lump-sum amount in the event of disability, lump-sum amount in the event of death.
  • I am covered worldwide
  • This insurance is open to persons under 64 years.
Main benefits

MODULE “Treatment costs”

  • Hospitalisation costs in a general, semi-private or private ward (according to the level of comfort chosen by the insured person)
  • Alternative medicine therapies
  • The costs of transport and search operations up to a maximum of CHF 100,000
  • Childcare
  • Allowance for home help and home care

MODULE “Daily allowance in the event of incapacity for work”

  • The insured person is free to choose an amount according to his/her requirements


  • MODULE “Daily allowance in the event of hospitalisation”
  • MODULE “Lump-sum amount in the event of disability”
  • MODULE “Lump-sum amount in the event of death”
  • Security: I benefit from a comprehensive coverage for workplace and non-workplace accidents. SafetyPro fills the gaps in my basic coverage.
  • Simplicity: I sign up to one single product and can enjoy a number of benefits in the event of an accident.
Request advice
  • By phone

  • 0800 808 848 (freephone number)
    08.00 – 18.00 from Monday to Friday, except on public holidays

  • By email

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Frequently asked questions

Accident coverage is compulsory in Switzerland. Accidents must be covered either by the insured person’s employer or by the basic health insurance (compulsory health insurance) if the insured person does not have an employer.

If you are covered against accidents through your employer’s LAA/UVG insurance, you can exclude this coverage from your basic health insurance (compulsory health insurance) for the month following your online suspension request.
If you wish to add the accident risk to your compulsory health insurance, fill in the online form to add the accident risk. The change will be effective on the first day of the month following your request.

As soon as a loss occurs, the insured person must notify the appropriate insurer of the loss. Please print the LAMal/LCA accident report form, complete all sections and return it to the address indicated on the form.   
In the event of a dental accident, you must have your dentist complete a dental accident report, in addition to the accident report.


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