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Our digital solution and its advantages

Thanks to our digital solution, you get to benefit from efficient digital management as well as from the choice of efficient investment strategies (five predefined portfolios) that comply with Groupe Mutuel Asset Management's (GMAM) sustainability and ethical criteria (ESG).

100% digital

The account can be opened directly on the digital platform via a link that will be sent to you.
Permanent access to your data and to the performance of your portfolio.

Five strategies

Depending on your risk profile, an investment strategy is suggested from among five predefined solutions.


Opportunity to invest in more efficient investments than a savings solution.


No hidden or separately invoiced fees.
Low fees thanks to the digital platform.


A sustainable and responsible investment policy
(environmental, social, governance).
Monitoring by an independent external company.

Tax advantages

You get to benefit from a tax-neutral environment: no tax on income or interest return and dividends.

5 strategies GMAM SA

Our tailor-made solution

With the tailor-made solution, you get to define all the parameters with your asset manager.

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