Investment advice


To support you through the entire investment cycle to allow you to achieve your objectives, from planning and governance to performance monitoring and ALM.

You are?

An institutional investor: a pension fund, an insurance company or a non-profit organisation

Our services

Asset Liability Management (ALM)

  • Suggest the most suitable asset allocations for your specific needs and objectives
  • Ensure a perfect match between the two sides of the balance sheet using parameters such as inflation or interest rates based on scenarios influencing both the return on assets and trend in liabilities
  • Provide the full set of investment strategy elements

Portfolio structure and management

  • Define the structure and the steering method of your portfolio
  • Verify the risk profile and whether it fits your budget
  • Have the necessary elements to search for asset managers, draft investment guidelines and monitor your portfolio

Selection of asset managers and portfolio monitoring

  • Identify the best asset managers from our database (over 200,000 referenced products)
  • Carry out and participate in the selection process
  • Negotiate management contracts
  • Support portfolio transitions
  • Draw up an investment monitoring report to be used as a steering tool, including measures to be taken for the weighting of asset classes, risk, managers, fees, etc.

  • Monitor compliance with investment guidelines

  • Support the body responsible for decision making


  • Support the implementation of a new organisational structure
  • Update the investment regulations that define the organisation, the investment objectives and constraints as well as the decision-making and control processes
  • Define investment guidelines for managers

Our strengths

Full independence
vis-à-vis financial institutions

No retrocessions and no sales of financial products


A proven, clear and documented process


A wide range of products and managers to build a portfolio to suit your needs

Your advantages

No conflict
of interest

The guarantee of independent advice


Compliance with the highest institutional standards


External analysis to challenge your managers
Access to the latest information, investment ideas to improve the performance of your portfolio over the long term

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