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Occupational benefits

Occupational pension schemes insure employees against the economic consequences of disability, death and old age. Groupe Mutuel offers pension solutions through its Groupe Mutuel and Opsion collective foundations, as well as through its Opsion Vested Benefits Foundation. Discover also our Pension Services.

Fondation Collective
Groupe Mutuel

For all types of companies and associations, Groupe Mutuel and Opsion collective foundations offer an open platform for managing the occupational pension provision of employees and members.

In order to generate synergies and enhance security, our two foundations will merge in 2024.

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Opsion Vested
Benefits Foundation

Opsion Vested Benefits Foundation is a flexible and modern vested benefits’ foundation with a focus on medium to long-term investments.

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Actuarial, legal, training, investment and pension fund management services. Find out more about our Pension Services.

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