Insurance for daily allowance benefits pursuant to LCA/VVG

Each company has specific needs when it comes to daily allowance insurance in the event of illness. With daily allowance insurance according to LCA/VVG, you get to choose the insurance option, the level of coverage, the waiting period and additional coverages.


  • The insurance
    • pays a daily allowance benefit to employees who are prevented from working because of illness or maternity;
    • takes effect at the end of the chosen waiting period (3, 7, 14, 30, 60 or 90 days).
    • supplements APG/EO benefits for maternity and paternity (depending on your choice) and caring provision to a child with a serious medical condition.
Main benefits

Daily allowance pursuant to LCA/VVG

  • Risks covered
  • Illness and maternity/paternity/accident (if risk is included)
  • Degree of incapacity for work
    • Payment of the daily allowance for each day of incapacity for work of at least 25% (including Sundays and public holidays)
    • Daily allowance proportional to the degree of incapacity for work
  • Duration
    • Option 1:
      Benefits are paid per insurance case, up to a maximum of 730 days in coordination with the LPP/BVG.
    • Option 2:
      The duration of entitlement to benefits is 730 calendar days in a period of 900 consecutive days for one or more cases of incapacity.
  • Waiting period
    • 3 to 90 days
    • Time limit applicable by incapacity for work or by calendar year/year of service

Level of coverage

  • Salary covered
  • Coverage of a defined percentage of salary: 80%, 90% or 100%
  • Maximum insurable salary
  • Freely defined in the policy
  • Partial incapacity for work
  • Daily allowance proportional to the degree of incapacity for work

Supplemental allowance in the event of maternity or paternity

  • Payment of benefits
  • Payment of the daily allowance in addition to federal (APG/EO) or cantonal benefits
  • Coverage and duration
    • Coverage and duration defined in the policy
    • Maternity: up to six weeks additional leave
    • Paternity: up to two weeks additional leave

Additional coverage (optional)

  • Continued insurance coverage
  • New coverage of 180 days for a period of five years after the exhaustion of the case in question and for the same case

Individual insurance

  • Departure from the group of insured persons
  • Entitlement to free transfer to individual insurance within 90 days after leaving the group of insured persons
  • Attractiveness: you attract and retain your employees with generous social benefits and stand out as a modern and responsible employer.
  • Security: you transfer the financial risk of absences due to illness to the insurance company and are therefore able to budget for it in your expenses.
  • Complementarity: you can extend the coverage by combining it with accident insurance, occupational benefits, supplemental health insurance or legal protection.

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Frequently asked questions

Your incapacity for work should be reported immediately to your line manager or to your human resources department.

Every month, you should give your employer a doctor's certificate signed by your doctor attesting to the degree of incapacity. To facilitate matters, the insurer has produced a special form for long-term incapacities, and this form is available on request. Your doctor should fill in the form at each consultation. You should then give your employer a copy of the form. At the end of the incapacity for work, you should send you employer the original form without delay.

When you are incapacitated for work, you should:

  • inform your employer immediately
  • follow the medical recommendations of your doctor
  • supply the information requested by the insurer
  • take part in the investigation in progress (request for documents, medical consultation, administrative procedures)
  • inform the insurer of any change in your circumstances
  • do your utmost to limit the length of the incapacity for work

You must notify us immediately of your departure from the company (within 90 days of leaving the circle of insured persons) and specify that you wish to be offered a free transfer to individual insurance. If you accept this offer, you will continue to enjoy insurance coverage under the same conditions as when you were employed by the company. You will be responsible for paying the premium associated with the policy.

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