Supplemental maternity insurance

To compensate the loss of earnings of future mothers

The federal maternity insurance scheme provides working mothers with a 14-week maternity allowance. Our maternity insurance supplements the basic statutory benefits. By subscribing to this product, you protect your employees against loss of earnings in the event of maternity and position your company as an attractive employer.


  • The supplemental maternity insurance provides daily maternity benefits in addition to the federal maternity insurance.
  • It improves the statutory maternity leave benefits in three areas:
    • de-compartmentalisation of maximum insurable earnings up to CHF 250,000 (instead of CHF 88,200)
    • increase in the share of insured income up to 100% of salary (instead of 80%)
    • term of maternity leave: extension of leave by two, four or six weeks (in addition to the statutory 14 weeks)
  • Maternity insurance can be taken out as part of the daily allowance insurance according to the LCA/VVG. This protects your employees against loss of income in the event of illness and birth.
  • Security: you protect your female employees from the income shortfall in case of maternity leave and allow them to stay with their baby longer.
  • Responsibility: you assume your social responsibility towards your employees.
  • Attractiveness: by offering them a major social benefit, you increase the loyalty of your employees to your company and improve your attractiveness on the labour market.

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Frequently asked questions

Non-married insured parties may authorise their non-married partners to benefit from the same survivor benefits as a spouse would have received on their death.

Provided that:

  • the two partners live together similarly to being married, and have lived in a shared home without interruption for the five years immediately preceding the death of the insured party, or live together in a shared home and have at least one dependent child in common
  • the two partners are neither married, nor related (in accordance with Article 95 of the Swiss Civil Code)
  • the two partners are not registered in accordance with the Swiss Law on Registered Partnerships
  • the surviving partner does not receive a spouse's pension or a partner's pension from a previous marriage or from a previous partnership
  • the Declaration of partner's pension form, duly filled in, must have been given to the pension institution while the insured party is alive

You should declare the date of your (civil) wedding or of your (enforceable) divorce, and any change of name to the fund so that it can record your new personal data.

For a divorce, sharing the LPP/BVG assets between the spouses relates to the assets acquired by each spouse for the duration of the marriage. The assets acquired before the marriage are not shared. The revision of sharing of occupational pensions (that came into force on 1st January 2017) makes provision for sharing when one of the spouses receives a disability pension or a retirement pension of the 2nd pillar. As regards your LPP/BVG assets, the fund has to make a calculation in order to determine the vested benefits acquired during your marriage. To that end, we will need to know the date of the (civil) wedding, and the date of filing of the petition for divorce with the court.

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