Controlling absences

Ensuring the presence and performance of your teams

Concrete measures aimed at motivating your employees and improving productivity

Because absences can be detrimental to your business and your productivity, we have developed a series of measures to optimise your teams’ presence, foster a sense of responsibility among employees regarding absences, and train your managers in this aspect of management and performance. The second pillar of the CorporateCare programme, this package of measures provides the foundations for effective prevention. Depending on your needs and corporate culture, we are here to help you achieve your objectives.

Consult the CorporateCare brochure to find out more about this process.

Find out more about the training «Effective employee presence» for first-level managers. Tailored to fit your corporate culture and processes, this training is designed to support the introduction of an absence management system and allow managers to develop a high-performance work environment.

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Corporate interventions

Accessible, flexible, attentive to customer needs, solution-focused and adaptable in its implementation – these are not our words, but those of our CorporateCare programme customers. Read about some of our corporate intervention success stories here.

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