Understanding my pension certificate

Explanations step by step

The pension certificate contains key figures of your occupational pension plan: key dates, applicable interest rates, amounts saved and benefits in the event of disability, death and retirement. It is important that you understand it well. We provide explanations step by step so that you can check the information and plan your retirement savings.

If you have questions, please contact your pension fund, using the contact form.


  1. Pension situation
    This document summarises benefits calculated on the basis of information known as of the date indicated on the document.
  2. Statutory retirement age
    Date on which the insured person reaches the statutory retirement age: 64 years for women and 65 years for men.
  3. Announced salary and pensionable salary
    Announced salary = Annual AVS/AHV salary
    Pensionable salary = Announced salary minus the coordination deduction. Salary that forms the basis for all subsequent calculations.
  4. Benefits paid in the event of disability
    Pensions paid (after expiry of the waiting period) following a disability recognised by the AI/IV disability insurance. Pensions are paid based on the degree of recognised disability.
    Payment of an additional pension for each child whose parent has been found to be disabled within the meaning of the AI/IV insurance. Paid to each dependant child under 18 years of age (25 years if in training).
    Entitlement to a contribution waiver means that in case of full or partial incapacity for work, neither the employer nor the insured person is required to pay the contribution, after a waiting period. The fund pays the retirements credits on the basis of the last annual pensionable salary.
  5. Benefits paid in the event of death
    Pensions paid to the spouse, registered partner or cohabiting partner if the conditions are met.
    Payment of an additional pension for each orphan whose parent has died. Paid to each dependent child under 18 years of age (25 years if in training).
    At the death of the beneficiary of an old-age pension, the surviving spouse is entitled to a lifetime pension equal to 60% of the pensioner’s old-age pension.
  6. Benefits paid in the event of retirement
    The projected old-age capital amount is based on the data available at the date of the pension situation, increased by old-age credits and remunerated at the rates indicated for the current and future years.
    The annual retirement pension is calculated by multiplying the accrued retirement savings capital at the retirement date by the conversion rates.
    The request for payment of the retirement capital must be made no later than three months before retirement.
  7. Projection in case of early retirement
    The insured person may take early retirement, but no later than five years before the statutory retirement age.
  8. Savings and interest rates
    Amount accumulated as at 01.01.xxxx
    The projected savings by 31.12.xxxx include the balance of the account as at 1 January xxxx, the savings bonuses for the current year and interest.
    The various movements of the year (receipts and disbursements) are also indicated.
    The interest rate is set annually by the Pension Board.
  9. Amount available for withdrawal (encouragement of home ownership)
    Encouragement of home ownership
    The insured person may withdraw an amount (minimum CHF 20,000) up to three years before the entitlement to old-age benefits arises, to fund a property as a main residence.
  10. Repurchase
    The insured person can increase his/her retirement assets by making one or more voluntary contributions. This also increases his/her retirement benefits.
    You can repurchase years of insurance at any time up to the day before retirement.
    The repurchase cannot be made in the form of a capital payment within a period of three years.
  11. Monthly contributions
    The monthly contributions are deducted from the pensionable salary.
  12. Annual contributions
    The annual contributions are deducted from the pensionable salary and consist of the savings contribution, risk contributions, costs, cost of living adjustment and the Guarantee Fund.
    At the end of each calendar year, the total savings contributions (employee and employer) are credited to the insured person’s retirement savings account.
  13. Administrative committee
    This section contains the names of the persons who represent your company before the Pension Fund.
    It is always composed of an equal number of employer and employee representatives.
    Employee representatives are always part of the company’s active staff.

Frequently asked questions

An increase/decrease in salary during the year takes effect immediately or retrospectively if the change is announced subsequently.

An increase/decrease in contribution can occur on 1 January of the current year without your salary having changed.

Such an increase/decrease may be due to:

  • the retirement assets’ rate having changed on 1 January depending on your age category
  • a change having taken place in the occupational pension plan that is binding between the pension fund and your employer
  • The pension fund having changed its pricing policy for the risks of disability and death

You are probably not yet 25. So far, you have only been insured for the risk of death and disability. Your contributions to your retirement assets will start on 1 January following your 24th birthday.

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