Basic insurance with your pharmacy as first point of contact

PrimaPharma is the easy solution for those who automatically turn to their pharmacist in case of a problem. This alternative and cost-effective model allows you to take advantage of the knowledge of your trusted pharmacist.

  • In the event of a health problem, I first visit one of the partner pharmacies and follow the recommendations.
    • I make use of the advice received for the appropriate medication, whenever possible.
    • If a medical consultation is necessary, my pharmacist will refer me to the appropriate doctor.
  • I do not have to contact my pharmacist in the following cases:
    • emergencies
    • gynaecological check-ups and treatments
    • check-ups and treatments related to pregnancy
    • eye check-ups and treatments
    • dental check-ups and treatments
    • paediatric check-ups and treatments


The ordinary deductible is CHF 300 for adults and CHF 0 for children.
I can reduce my premium by increasing my deductible.

Frequently asked questions

All Amavita, Sun Store and Coop Vitality pharmacies. The addresses and phone numbers of the partner pharmacies are available here. Over 350 pharmacies in Switzerland provide advice to close to 100,000 customers every day.

After two reminders for non-compliance (“breach”) with the rules of PrimaPharma insurance in the same calendar year, you will be transferred to the standard compulsory health insurance model.

If you have a chronic illness, you must ask your partner pharmacy to issue a recommendation specific to your situation that will allow you to follow your treatment without having to return to the pharmacy before each appointment. Such recommendations will remain valid until the end of the year and must be renewed between October and December for the following year.

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