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Placing new technologies at the service of your health

At Groupe Mutuel, we care about you. This is why we are committed to your health, taking into account your current needs. In today's highly connected world, we are aware that in order to support you in preventing and treating illnesses, we are required to use the new technologies available and to develop innovative solutions.

As your life partner, Groupe Mutuel is using its resources and skills to create digital solutions that will support you in your daily life and facilitate your access to healthcare.

Discover Groupe Mutuel's applications and use them more effectively for your own health.

Sometimes we overlook minor ailments due to lack of time or we postpone our medical appointments for financial reasons. However, not knowing what is happening to us or how to react to our family members' symptoms can generate even more stress.

So that you are able to access healthcare rapidly, Groupe Mutuel has developed the MyHealthCheck platform.
Describe your symptoms and you will receive an initial assessment of your state of health as well as advice on possible follow-up. The application offers you direct access to telemedicine and remote medical appointments. You will also find information on the partner pharmacies that are able to help you complete your treatment.

Remain in control of your health

Create your MyHealthCheck account on your computer or mobile phone.

Access MyHealthCheck
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