Team Groupe Mutuel

A running project for our insured members

Each year, Groupe Mutuel sets up a team of insured members and offers them the chance to take part in a unique running project. We provide the training sessions, the equipment and registration to races. A passion for sports and team spirit take care of the rest.

Team Groupe Mutuel: a human enterprise

At Groupe Mutuel, we want to do more for those who enjoy doing more. We decided to encourage amateur sportsmen by setting up a team with our colours. Supervised like true professionals, our runners set themselves the challenge of succeeding together in order to exceed their limits.

Thanks to several partners, team members can benefit from a number of advantages:

  • personalised coaching during seven months
  • monthly group training sessions with a specialist
  • a full equipment from Mizuno
  • a yearly subscription to the magazine FIT for LIFE
  • free registration to the “Grand Prix of Bern” run
  • free registration to the Lausanne Marathon
  • as well as other running products

Pooling strengths within Team Groupe Mutuel 2022

To make the training sessions easier, the participants of Team Groupe Mutuel are divided into seven groups. In 2022, the runners will meet once a month in Düdingen, Lausanne, Lucerne, Sion or Bellikon.

Sion team 2022

(from left to right: David Schucan, Anita Bitz Burns, Nicolas De Amicis, Julie Zufferey, Sacha Rhoner, Christelle Bianco, Rayan Favre.

Lucerne team 2022

(from left to right: Carina Lehmann, Oliver Kössel, Manuela Dätwyler, Felix Giezendanner, Susanne Truninger, Joel Leuzinger, Romana Walti)

Lausanne team 2022

(from left to right: Guy Vulliemin, Julien Sudan, Virginie Furrer, Yasmina Bovey, Céline Despont, Ludovic Stettler, Truong Chinh Bui)

Düdingen team 2022

(from left to right: Christelle Castella, Remo Zaugg, Emilie Fuligno, Richard Plancherel, Lisa Sidler, Grégoire Tercier, Rebecca Spicher)

Bellikon team 2022

(from left to right: Mariam Krebser, Christian Seiler, Linda Brodnicke, Jörg Werfeli, Christelle Cauderay, Markus Keller, Ramona Polenz)

Groupe Mutuel

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