Groupe Mutuel life Insurance

In 2018, Groupe Mutuel Vie GMV SA consolidated its portfolio and pursued its strategy of acquiring new business. A strong emphasis was placed on quality, which made it possible to consolidate the portfolio, although still in a difficult context of low interest rates that continue to have a negative impact on the sector as a whole.

Business opportunities and long-term development

For the 2018 financial year, gross premiums for Groupe Mutuel Vie GMV SA amounted to CHF 85 million (86 million in 2017), while the national average was up by +0.4%. As a result, the increase was slow throughout the year under review, since 2,263 new clients took out insurance (against 3,073 in 2017) and the total number of policies under management amounted to 40,094 (against 40,194 in 2017), or -0.2%.

The main drivers for growth within Groupe Mutuel Vie GMV SA remained singlepremium business, as well as quality advice that is attentive to the needs of insured persons and business partners.

Innovation: Safecapital is a major success

As part of its innovation processes, Groupe Mutuel Vie GMV SA is reviewing its products and developing innovative products, such as SafeCapital, launched in spring 2018 and to which 1,723 insured persons had already signed up at the end of 2018. SafeCapital is a new and exclusive life insurance solution in Switzerland that offers insurance in the event of death by accident or following a sudden illness, for a very competitive premium. In the event of such a setback, this coverage is designed to ensure that a lump-sum amount is paid to the family or to persons designated by the insured person.

Groupe Mutuel

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