Groupe Mutuel Patrimony

Successful diversification

Customers appreciate the benefits of our products: monthly premiums and unique added value in terms of coverage.

Groupe Mutuel offers several types of patrimony insurance (legal protection, personal liability insurance and household contents insurance), pursuant to LCA/VVG, which together form the new “Patrimony” line of business.

These activities continued to make progress in a highly competitive environment, with the turnover rising from CHF 16.7 million in 2016 to CHF 19.5 million in  2017, i.e. an increase of  +16.6%.

These new products respond to customer needs.

This result is mainly due to our new personal liability and household contents’ insurance products, as well as to continued growth for our legal protection insurance.

Our clients appreciate the advantages of these products which respond to their needs and concerns: payment of a monthly premium, damage to own vehicle and coverage for earthquakes in the household contents insurance, as well as innovative types of coverage such as financial defaulting of the liable person in the personal liability insurance.

Groupe Mutuel

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