Giving birth is a unique experience! You are about to meet your baby. This little human being that has been growing inside you for months is about to show its face and you are about to experience a unique event in your life together. So that you can enjoy this moment to the full, here is some advice on how to plan your delivery and anticipate the days ahead.

When should I start preparing for childbirth?

It’s never too early to start planning your childbirth. Where, with whom, how, and what next? There are many aspects to consider in order to welcome your baby in the best conditions. And who better than yourself can define these “best conditions”? Talk to your gynaecologist about your ideal birth. Together, you will be able to find out what your possibilities are and what is best for your baby.

You have several possibilities for your birth, but remember to plan ahead for insurance coverage:

  • At home, in a birthing centre or in hospital, you can choose how you wish to give birth provided you have the consent of your doctor.
  • If you choose to give birth at home, be sure to have a medical professional at your side. In case of complications, you will be glad to rely on their expertise.
  • If you wish to benefit from the comfort of a clinic, you must have taken out supplemental insurance. Otherwise, you will not be reimbursed for any additional bills other than those you would have had in hospital.
  • You can go home after having given birth without spending the night in hospital, if your postpartum health and that of your baby allow it.

Childbirth preparation courses:

We explain how the costs of this important step are covered:

  • The basic health insurance covers the costs of childbirth preparation courses up to a maximum of CHF 150.
  • For women who have a planned caesarean section, some hospitals offer childbirth preparation courses adapted to their situation.
  • Breastfeeding advice given by midwives or nurses is reimbursed by the basic health insurance.

What to include in your birth plan

Giving birth is a joyful moment but also a stressful one for the mother. Here are some tips on how to plan ahead:

  • Prepare your suitcase for the maternity ward well in advance. If your water breaks unexpectedly, you may be in too much of a hurry to remember anything.
  • If you are a couple, talk about your expectations and the place that the other person will have on the big day. All eyes are on you, but your other half is also going through a big upheaval.
  • Ask for a single room if you are insured for a private ward. It will be all the more enjoyable to meet your baby alone.
  • Manage your visitors and be firm. Ask your family and friends to stick to certain times and to let you know before they visit. You may feel extremely tired following the birth and you don't have to share your baby with others right away.
  • If you don’t want visitors, you have the right to say so. Tell your family and friends openly about your choice. Those who have already had children will certainly understand.
  • Ask any questions that come to mind. Never hesitate to ask a health professional for advice. When you return home, if you are insured with Groupe Mutuel, do not hesitate to call the telemedicine hotline 24/7 whenever you need help.

Choose to be comfortable and meet your baby in the best possible conditions

Private insurance

Supplemental benefits and hospitalisation in a private war

“Global privée” is a combined supplemental insurance solution. One single insurance combines hospitalisation in the private ward of a hospital or clinic with high-level supplemental benefits.


Home help

What if your eldest child is ill and you have to look after your newborn?

Some of our supplemental insurance plans cover the costs of looking after your sick children at home, up to a certain amount a year. Find out about your insurance coverage and whether your insurer recognises the provider you wish to use (e.g. the Red Cross).


Please do not hesitate to ask one of our advisers
to help you choose your supplemental insurance plan

Supplemental insurance allows you to cover your needs when they are not or only partially covered by the basic health insurance. Discover our range of supplemental insurance solutions and find the coverage that suits your lifestyle.


Preparing yourself to return home

After months of being pregnant and enjoying all the attention and after having given birth, you are now back home. All eyes are on your baby. However, for you, the journey is far from over. In addition to your responsibilities towards your newborn, you have to recover and, for those who decide to do so, manage breastfeeding.

To help you, your basic health insurance will pay for regular home visits by a midwife. These sessions will help to assess your recovery, treat any wounds you may have, support you in breastfeeding and ensure that everything is going well with your baby (weight gain, size, etc).

You will also be entitled to physiotherapy sessions to rehabilitate your perineum. These treatments are important and can prevent you from suffering from bladder weakness or more serious complications, such as prolapse.

A number of other treatments can be very helpful during the postpartum period and are covered by the Global Classic supplemental insurance:

  • Psychological support
  • Childcare
  • Fitness sessions
  • Alternative care (such as osteopathy)

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